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Guidelines for the use of Secondary Data

BHBIA Guidelines for the Use of Secondary Data

The BHBIA Guidelines for the Use of Secondary Data are designed to provide clear guidance on the legal and ethical implications of using secondary data for market research and associated business intelligence purposes such as database building or customer relationship management. This protects you, your data and those that provide the data.

The Guides:

  • Focus on the collection, processing and storage of secondary data for UK healthcare BI use
  • Help make sure things go smoothly from a legal and ethical point of view
  • This can save you time and trouble
  • Have GDPR / UK Data Protection Act 2018 requirements built in throughout

To date, 14 Guides have been developed - click on the links below to download these in print-ready PDF format.

For the other resources specifically designed to help you with implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) see GPPR Updates - the GDPR Risk and Privacy Impact Assessment guide is particularly pertinent to the use of secondary data.

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