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MR Quick Guides

'Quick Guides' based on the BHBIA Guidelines

The BHBIA's Market Research 'Quick Guides' cover key topics in a simple, quick reference format for your own use or for handing to colleagues, clients or suppliers. Download them in print-ready pdf format.

Please refer to the latest full BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines for more detail on all topics.

Click on the links below to download our Quick Guide leaflets, based on the BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines:

About the Quick Guides:

The BHBIA's market research Quick Guides cover key topics in a simple, quick reference format for your own use or for handing to colleagues or your clients/suppliers. Download them in print-ready pdf format.

The first two fieldwork guides will be particularly useful for companies or individuals involved primarily in fieldwork, especially those who are less familiar with the whole research process.

The Guidelines for Observers is intended for those working outside UK market research functions – e.g. marketing or global colleagues - and should be handed out prior to observation of fieldwork.

The AE/PC/SRS Collection guide is suitable for anyone who needs an overview of the adverse event, product complaint and special reporting situation reporting requirements that apply to market research conducted in the UK.

How is the UK different to other countries?Our members are often asked to undertake the UK arm of an international market research survey, but find that what can and can't be done is different overseas. This leaflet will help you to understand the differences. It draws upon EphMRA's Code of Conduct in conjunction with the BHBIA's Legal and Ethical Guidelines.

ABPI Disclosure Requirements - Disclosure requires pharmaceutical companies to make publicly available the details of MR-related payments, on a named basis, IF the identities of HCPs or HCOs who take part in the MR are intentionally known or disclosed to the pharmaceutical company. This summary outlines the basics of the requirements.

Consent Guidelines - Consent is the freely given specific and informed agreement by a person (i.e. the ‘data subject’ or ‘respondent’) to take part in the MR and for the processing of their personal data. This guide summarises what you need to know.

Guidelines for Patient Research - a summary of the key sections of the BHBIA's Legal and Ethical Guidelines that pertain specifically to conducting market research with patients.

Who provides what during a Market Research project - a checklist of the key documentation/agreements that need to be in place for a market research project - and who (client or agency) should normally provide each of these.

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