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The 2019 awards are now open for entries!

See details of the categories and how to enter

What some of this year's winners said about their BOBI success:

“It’s a great feeling to win a BOBI… as they’re panel judged you know that you’re getting recognition from your peers for outstanding work, and that really means a lot. Being a BOBI-winning agency is a way of showing our existing and potential clients that we do great work that can have a positive impact on their business.” - Joanna Thompson, Adelphi Research

“If you are considering entering the BOBI awards…….just do it. Having been hesitant about putting forward an entry I was delighted and proud to be recognised by the judges. Winning a category has given us huge credibility with both current and potential customers as the award demonstrates that the ideas, implementation and resulting outcomes of our services has true value for our customers.” - Mary Knowles, Loyalty Chain Ltd

"I am very happy that the hard work we put into the market research was recognised by the BOBI Award. It is an honour to have this award." - Dr Patrick Bühler, Roche Diagnostics International Ltd

"Winning the BOBI award has given the team a confidence boost and something exciting to talk about with active clients. The news gave us an opportunity to rekindle business relationships with lapsed clients. After winning the award we had some very encouraging feedback from our clients, and our related campaign generated some new briefs which we wouldn’t have otherwise received." - Niclas Holme, Brains and Cheek

"The BOBI awards genuinely recognise the high quality Business Intelligence work that organisations are doing from a number of different perspectives, and highlight how far we have come as a discipline within the Healthcare industry.  It really is a showcase of impactful projects, work and outputs that really influence the brands and teams we support.  Winning a BOBI award in 2018 was not only a huge achievement, but great recognition by respected senior industry peers in Business Intelligence.  As a small agency, it has given us further credibility, stature and confidence that our high quality work is valued and appreciated by our colleagues and peers, and has further established our capabilities with a wider client base whilst also raising awareness of what we do." - Samir Paul, Inicio Consulting

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