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The British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association


The core aim of the BHBIA is to promote the excellence with integrity of Business Intelligence within the Healthcare Industry. Our members are drawn from pharmaceutical/ healthcare companies and the agencies/consultancies that supply business intelligence services to those companies.

The BHBIA offers three membership options

  • Corporate membership
  • Personal membership
  • Affiliate membership

In addition there are two non-member categories that allow access to the online training and certification but do not confer full membership status.

  • Corporate Certified non-member
  • Personal Certified non-member

The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September with the first year's subscription pro-rated depending on the date of joining.

BHBIA Activities

One of the main objectives of the BHBIA is to provide members with ongoing learning and development that will help them perform their professional role in the work place. As part of this process, the BHBIA runs a comprehensive programme of activities throughout the year to help develop the skills of those working in a business intelligence environment.

Conferences and Seminars

The current programme consists of:

  • BHBIA Winter Seminar (held in December)
    This educational one day meeting takes a look at a theme that's of broad relevance to the healthcare industry, bringing the BHBIA audience up to date on the implications for business intelligence.

  • BHBIA Annual Conference (held in April/May)
    This is our premier event of the calendar. The two-day meeting focuses on a topical theme for the healthcare industry which directly impacts on business intelligence issues. Key speakers from the healthcare arena and other industries are invited to the platform to give their perspective on current thinking. Formal sessions, coupled with workshops and discussion forums, provide an interactive programme designed to stimulate debate and cross-fertilisation of ideas amongst delegates.

  • BHBIA Members' Exchange Meetings and Summer Evening Event (held in September)
    This half day event aims to provide members with a facilitated forum to discuss and share ideas around key topics affecting the industry. The forum is followed by a Summer Evening Event which is open to all.

With the exception of the summer evening social event, all these meetings are for full BHBIA members only.


The BHBIA training programme is divided into four areas:

  • Foundation Training builds upon the strong tradition of BHBIA courses over many years. Courses are designed for those who are relatively new to business intelligence with up to twelve month's experience or for those whose experience of business intelligence has been restricted to certain aspects rather than being broad based.

    There are two streams to the foundation training:

    "Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sales Reseach"  "Introduction to Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence and Market Research".  We also offer a new one-day Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Business Intelligence Practice, aimed specifically at interns/placement students.


  • One-day workshops cover specialised topic areas and are run by leading agencies or external experts.


  • Ethics and Guidelines Workshops are run to increase people's practical understanding of both the BHBIA Guidelines ('Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Market Research' and ABPI/BHBIA Adverse Event reporting, through a highly interactive, case study based approach.
  • Webinars are designed to give a broad overview of a subject area or to look at one specific aspect of a topic. They are generally held over lunchtimes, are free of charge and open to members only.

The BHBIA also currently offers two web-based training programmes for business intelligence professionals:

  • ABPI-approved BHBIA Adverse Event Reporting
  • BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines 

As part of each programme, BHBIA members have the opportunity to take a Competency Test to assess their knowledge and on passing the test are issued with a Certificate of Competency which needs to be renewed annually, by 31st October each year.
Successful completion of both programmes is recommended for all personnel involved in market research in the UK. There is also a separate programme designed specifically for those involved in reviewing and approving market research materials, and from time to time slides from ethics & compliance webinars are made available.

These programmes can be accessed via the Online Training/ Tests section of the website, which takes you to our new training microsite.

Membership of the BHBIA allows all employees based  at the member company’s office to take the online  training programmes and obtain competency certification. Certified non-membership also confers this benefit  for all employees. (All website users can study the  training materials but only BHBIA members/Certified  non-members can take the competency tests).

The BHBIA also offers a comprehensive range of Ethics & Guidelines resources produced by the Ethics & Compliance Committee.

Other Activities

BOBI Awards (held annually)
The BOBI (Best of Business Intelligence) awards provide an opportunity to celebrate excellence in business intelligence. They include team and individual competition events, and categories for submissions based on real-life projects. Winners receive an engraved trophy and press recognition, and there are opportunities for organisations to be associated with the awards through sponsorship.

Member Forums
Additional forums are convened from time to time to give members an opportunity to input into the BHBIA agenda, or for specific sub-groups of the membership to discuss issues that are pertinent to them - e.g. Fieldwork Forum, Personal Members' Forum. Members also have opportunities to get involved in specific initiatives such as the Response Rates Task Force.

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