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Outstanding Contribution Award - Winners 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 winners. Details were announced at the Winter Seminar on 7th December 2018

BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee

This year we decided to recognise outstanding contribution in a slightly different way – rather than making an award to an individual, we took the opportunity to say thank you to a team who have truly gone the extra mile – that is: the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee.

The big challenge for the team over the last year has, of course, been dealing with the complexities of GDPR, providing interpretation and guidance and giving our members a voice in discussions with the data protection authorities, work that’s still ongoing. At the same time, the team worked with the ABPI to finalise significant changes to adverse reporting guidance, and all this was on top of delivering the usual programme of updates and training.

There are a large number of individuals involved, and this dedicated team have put in many hours for the benefit of BHBIA members.

Congratulations to the whole team! This award includes everyone who was on the Committee during any part of 2018, so recognises the leadership of both Rachel Medcalf, who stepped down as Chair in May, and Matt Beckett who currently heads the team, as well as all the individual members.

Nominations for 2019 will open in September and we welcome nominations for outstanding contribution in any area of BHBIA activity.

Matt Beckett accepts the award from Board Member Jenny Dawson

Matt Beckett accepts the award from Board Member Jenny Dawson

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